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AirConsole Running Competition $10,000 cash

AirConsole is a web-based platform for local multiplayer gaming and converts your smartphones into gamepad and your browser into the console.

The contest


  1. First Place will be awarded prize money of USD 10’000
  2. Second Place will be awarded prize money of USD 2’500
  3. Third Place will be awarded prize money of USD 1’000

Additional prizes: 3 x Construct2 Business License


  • Your game uses the AirConsole API and is fully controllable by Smartphone.
  • Your game has not previously received any funding from AirConsole or participated in other AirConsole contests with the exception of the Fall 2016 Student Competition.

How to participate

  1. Create a game or port an existing one using the AirConsole API or the AirConsole Unity Plugin and the guides & information available at
  2. Create a profile for your game on
  3. Upload a .zip file of your build to said profile (you can do this more than once, not just for a final build)
  4. Fill out this Submission Form (includes a direct link to your final game upload)


Construct2 Plugin

AirConsole offers a Construct 2 plugin with which you can enhance your Construct2 game with local multiplayer. Our plugin handles the connections to player’s smartphones, and our Controller Generator offers a simple way of creating your controller file with very little coding effort on your part.

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Virendra kumre
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