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Construct 2 swipe Tutorials

Construct 2 swipe Tutorial – using touch plugin we can call swipe event moving the player left and right.

Getting started

launch Construct 2. Click the File button, and select New.

The File menu 'New' button.

Set the layout width and height : 480×854



Double-click a space in the layout. This will bring up the Insert Object dialog. Double click the Sprite object to insert it.

Click on the layout to place the sprite , it will open the image editor , with rectangle tool draw a simple box


add a 8 movement behaviour to it


go to even sheet

add to 2 global variable to store position of Touch

  • 1touchX = 0
  • movement = 0


add condition to check the swipe movet is left to right or right to left

  • on any touch start > set the variable to Touch.X
  • on any touch start

subevent> if 1touchX is less than Touch.X> set movement to 1

subevent> if 1touchX is greater than Touch.X > set the movement to 2


  • if movement = 1 > player move right
  • if movement = 2 > Player move left

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