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Construct 2 Tutorials – Stick Hero

Famous Stick Hero games Tutorials

Getting started

launch Construct 2. Click the File button, and select New.

The File menu 'New' button.

You will see the ‘Template or Example’ dialog box.

select the New empty project  and set the Unbounding Scrolling to Yes

set the layout size

width – 480

height – 854


Now add the required Object


Text Object  – name it as txt_score


create new layer and name it UI , set the Parallax to 0,0 and place the txt_score to top left side of layout

select the the first layer name it Main

Now Add player sprite

Double-click a space in the layout. This will bring up the Insert Object dialog. Double click the Sprite object to insert it.

Click on layout to place the sprite , it will open the image editor , import all the ball sprite and name it hero

Set the Image point to Bottom -Right – 


close the tab , now go to it’s property ,click on behaviour and add platform behavior to it .


Now add another sprite name it ground , this will be the platform where player can walk over it


height :- 250

width :- 250

Set the Image point to Bottom -Right – 


go to its properties ,click on behavior add solid behavior on it.

now add the instance variable hp (to check the new instance of ground )



set the layout like this


Now create another sprite named it bar and set the image point to bottom




create following variable

Score = 0            to give pt for completion of walk

tap = 0                check for touch event.

bar = 0                for bar event

bar_angle  = 0   for angle event of bar

event = 0            to check for completion perfect walk


Basic Event


  • start of layout > Reset the global variable.
  • every tick    > Text – set the text to score.

system scroll X to hero.X+150

  • hero.Y is greater than 100 >  wait 1 sec.

(Trigger once)                        Restart Layout

  •  ground.X is less than hero.X+300 > ground destroy.


  • Now to check for the Touch event and create the bar


  • when you touching the screen – increase the height of bar


  • Making your bar fall

  • check the touch end event


  • when player start walking and stopping at the edge of ground





You can get the Template here

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