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Enhance and Construct 2 implementation tutorials

What is enhance

Enhance+ (Enhance-Plus) is an extended service for apps and games that let you add other services like ads, analytic, crash report etc.

enhance lets you add ads in construct 2 games use their plugin, also the provide offerwall integration with can be you to give currency to your user.


Total number of ads network supported by Enhance

  1. AdBuddiz
  2. AdColony
  3. AdMob
  4. AdscendMedia
  5. AerServ
  6. AirPush
  7. Amazon
  8. AppLovin
  9. AppNext
  10. ChartBoost
  11. Facebook
  12. Fyber
  13. HeyZap
  14. HyprMX
  15. inMobi
  16. Kidoz
  17. Leadbolt
  18. LoopMe
  19. Phunware
  20. Mediabrix
  21. MillennialMedia
  22. MoPub
  23. NativeX
  24. OfferToro
  25. Ogury
  26. Pollfish
  27. Pretio Interactive
  28. RevMob
  29. RhythmOne
  30. StartApp
  31. Survata
  32. TapJoy
  33. TheoremReach
  34. TrialPay
  35. Unity
  36. Vungle
  37. Wagawin
  38. Yandex
  39. YouAppi


Construct 2

First, download their plugin from here 

extract and add the plugin.


add the basic action like this


now export the game and zip the file.

upload the zip file on and go to plugins section.

in plugin section add the following plugin.



build the project and download the apk.



now go to their site register and login.

under my app section click on get started

Select Interstitial Ads and Banner Ads under ads



under drag and drop library select construct 2 and upload your file, click continue

Select your desire ads network and add your interstitial and banner id


click next and signed your app


Video Tutorial


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