How to Build construct 2 game for ios with Intelxdk

Publishing game to ios with intelxdk build .

Construct 2 part

  •  Export game selecting cordova
  • Always select new directory to save files

ios Part 

  • Create a App id here 
  • Create Ad hoc Provisioning Profile – Download save the file in the exported game directory
  • Create ios App Store Provisioning Profiles – Download save the file in the exported game directory

Intel XDK part

  • Download from here.
  • Select new project and import the exported game.
  • Test the game in emulator , if games is running properly , go to project > build setting.
  • Fill the game detail and attach both the provisional profile , select adhoc in provisional profile column.(img)
  • For admob ads , go to permission and plugin section , click on get plugin from web , and fill the plugin detail.

    Name : admob
    Plugin id :
    Repo URL :

  • Go to launch icon and splash screen section and upload your game icon & launch images(img)
  • Click on build and select build for ios (img)
  • Build page will appear, you are needed to attach iOS CERTIFICATE . click edit(img)
  • Fallow this step to download(IOS CERTIFICATE SIGNING REQUEST ) and create your certificate here
  • After uploading certificate click on the build button and your file will be ready.
  • Install your game file to your ios device and see everything is working fine or not.
  • Rebuild you game now selecting production profile from build setting panel and upload the file to ios app store using Application loader.
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