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Make 3D Games in Construct 2 with Babylon3D Plugin

Now you can create 3d game with your favorite Gaming Engine Construct 2 with the help of Babylonjs


Babylonjs is A complete JavaScript framework for building 3D games with HTML5, WebGL and Web Audio

With this plugin, you can make 3D games and apps effortlessly, after designing your scene with your favorite 3D editor,you can export it to Construct 2 and access your scene meshes, lights, cameras or materials and manipulate them.

Create First Person Shooter

3d Platform Games

Some features

  • 2 Physics engines
  • 2 types of lights: Standard and PBR
  • 6 types of Cameras
  • Easy animation management
  • Bones animations
  • Assignable actions

This plugin require

  • A 3D editor : Blender, 3DS Max or Unity 5. – Download bender or Download Unity5
  • Basic knowledge of 3D modeling.

Get it From here

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