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Top 5 ways of Earning From Mobile App

1. Paid app

Most Direct way to earn form mobile app is selling them via appstore

most of the platform (android , Iphone) charge 30 % per sale

2. Adware – free app with ads

Making your app completely free and putting ads into them

is most common form are method for earning from apps

Your earning depends on the number of you apps have been downloaded and is being used by the user

to earning sufficient amount form your app , you need at-least 10000 User


3. In app Payment

In app payment is payment inside the app for more feature , unlock level , additional health , premium feature

4. Developing app for a client

One time payment

5. Selling app to the Publisher

You can sell you app license to multiple publisher

Some Publisher include

1. Boostermedia

2. Softmedia

3. Fgl


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