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Get 50$ for adding Enchance in your app

Enhance is a Third Party service , which lets you add ads into your ios and android app.

FGL’s $50 App Promotion

just upload your app in enhance website and select your desired SDK.

enhance support.

pre-roll ads.


Rewarded Video

it also offers Analytic , Crash Reporting , etc


fgl is running a promotion which will give you 50$ , just to implement enhance into your android or ios app.


  1. Sign up or login to Enhance HERE.
  2. Enhance one of your apps by integrating at least one mobile service (it takes just a couple of minutes).
  3. During the Enhance process, be sure to check the ‘opt-in’ box for the promotion.
  4. Our QA team will test the app to make sure it meets our quality standards.
  5. Once approved, upload your app to Google Play or the App Store.
  6. After 30 days, we send you $50 for simply using Enhance!


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Virendra kumre
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